Whew! It’s been quite the summer over here at The Bug Shed. We’ve been keeping busy packing countless orders and sending them all over the country, ramping up our dubia roach breeding operation, finding new ways to maximize our existing space, and planning for a major expansion in the near future. But there’s one recent development that has our whole team of in-house bug nerds SUPER excited – we are back to offering superworms. And that’s not all…we’re now also offering mealworms and some really affordable dubia roach enclosures to house your insects until mealtime.

In this blog, we will introduce our newest and most exciting products, explain why your pets will love them, and tell you where you can pick up some superworms, mealworms – and a nifty little enclosure to keep them all in. Read on to get the low-down on our latest developments as we say “goodbye” to summer and “hello” to fall.


Back by popular demand, superworms are now available for purchase at TheBugShed.com. As a company that always considers our customer’s suggestions, we are here to say… you asked, and we’re delivering.

Why are superworms an excellent feeder insect?

  • All sorts of exotic pets, including bearded dragons, sugar gliders, leopard geckos, spiders, hedgehogs, turtles, and even birds, love chomping down on superworms.
  • Due to their rapid movement and large size, superworms are sure to activate your pet’s natural prey drive, encouraging picky eaters to get their fill.

Wondering how to care for your superworms?

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Mealworms are the larvae of the Darkling beetle. They have quickly become a preferred feeder insect choice for exotic pet owners because of their affordability, nutritional value, and ease of care.

What animals eat mealworms?

  • Reptiles of all kinds, including bearded geckos, leopard geckos, and skinks, enjoy mealworms.
  • Sugar gliders and other small rodents enjoy mealworms as a nutritious treat.
  • Chickens and many other birds love mealworms.
  • In some cultures, humans eat mealworms too!


Because mealworms are high in fat and have a relatively high phosphorus to calcium ratio, they are best served as a special treat for bearded dragons to avoid calcium deficiency and obesity. Read more about the importance of calcium in your pet reptile’s diet by clicking the link HERE.

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Dubia Roach Enclosures

We get a lot of questions about storing dubia roaches over on our Instagram page (why not give us a like to gain access to the hottest sales and newest products?). Because of this, we’re making it super simple to keep your roaches safe, healthy, and tucked away until feasting time.

Dubia Roach Bug Keepers:

A black cat is investigating a dubia roach enclosure.
Our Dubia Roach Enclosures keep your bugs from unexpected run-ins with other pets in the home.

Healthy, happy dubias are a superior nutritional choice for your bearded dragon, gecko, or other exotic pet than stressed-out bugs. To keep your roaches in tip-top shape, you will need a little more breathing room than the standard deli cup they are shipped in – especially If you’re planning to keep insects for more than a few days. This sturdy and reusable Bug Keeper is perfect for the easy upkeep of small numbers of feeder roaches.


  • The enclosure is 5″x5″x7″ in size (or 80 oz).
  • Comfortably houses anywhere between 50-200 dubia roaches, depending on their size.
  • Ventilation holes do not feature any sharp edges, keeping your feeder inspects safe from harm.
  • Ventilation holes are large enough to let adequate air in while keeping flies out.
  • The flip lid makes it easy to feed your dubias without taking the whole lid off!


  • Bug Keepers are not recommended as a breeding enclosure. To learn more about setting up a breeding colony and what type of enclosure you should use, read our blog, How to Start a Prolific Dubia Roach Colony.
  • Dubia roaches and egg crates are not included.

Next time you order dubia roaches, don’t forget to add a Bug Keeper to your cart. It’s a simple step that will make your life a WHOLE heck of a lot easier.

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With the new season upon us comes new products and new possibilities at The Bug Shed. We can’t wait to hear how you love our superworms, mealworms, and Bug Keepers – so don’t hesitate to leave us a review. If you’re ready to delight your exotic pet with something new, hop on to our online store TheBugShed.com to get shopping today.

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