The Dubia’s Hierarchy of Needs

Dubias are pretty laid-back critters. But as with any feeder insect, they have their own unique set of requirements to stay healthy and robust until feeding time. Wondering what it will take to keep your dubia roaches in great shape so your beardie, leopard gecko, or other pet can delight in the thrill of the hunt? Luckily, we know a thing or two about successfully raising and storing dubias. Today, we’re sharing everything we know about dubia roach storage!

Here’s what dubias need to stay healthy, alive, and thriving until mealtime:

Food – Your dubias will arrive to you raised on a nutrient-dense diet. In fact, we have our own proprietary feed blend that we’ve designed, which is regularly supplemented with fresh produce. You will want to carry on feeding your dubias high-nutrient foods before you provide them to your pets. This process is called gut loading and will help ensure that your reptile gets the most nutritional benefit possible from each meal.

  • To learn more about how to gut load your dubia roaches and what to feed them for maximum nutrition, click HERE.

WaterUnfortunately, dubias are known to drown in water dishes. In our experience, providing water-rich foods is the safest way to ensure proper hydration. Another safe option to keep your dubias hydrated is water crystals or gel. These products can be found at most pet stores.

Temperature – Dubia cockroaches thrive in dark, humid environments. You should shoot for 60% humidity if you’re keeping dubias in the long term. Did you know you can actually get your dubias to change their size by altering the temperature in their enclosure?

Here’s how to do it:

  • If you would like your dubia cockroaches to stay the same size, we recommend keeping them at a temperature between 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • If you want your dubia roaches to grow normally, optimal temperature for fast growth is 80-90 degrees F.

Environment – If you’ve ordered dubias from us, you may have asked yourself, “what’s this egg carton all about?”. We include a piece of egg carton in every shipment to give your dubias a place to climb, crawl, scuttle, and hide. You will want to do the same in your dubia enclosure. Hiding places mimic their natural environment and keep them at ease.

Photo shows a hand holding dubias inside a black plastic storage container.
How you store your dubias depends on how long you plan to keep them and whether you plan to breed them.

How to Set up Permanent Digs for Your Dubias

Your dubias will arrive to you in temporary housing. This environment does not provide an adequate long-term solution for their needs, so it’s advised that you plan on getting something more permanent for them set up a few days before arrival. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry! We’ve laid everything out below to make it super simple.

Storing Dubias Short-Term

If you’re keeping dubias for a short amount of time or are placing a small to medium order, Kritter Keepers are a great option. These small, ventilated plastic enclosures can be easily found at pet stores and online.

Other options:

  • A 5 or 10-gallon aquarium
  • 66-quart storage bins
  • Or a similar-sized plastic or glass container

Storing Dubias Long-Term

If you’re placing a larger order of dubias or planning on keeping them for more extended periods, we recommend using a dark, plastic Sterilite storage container. 18 gallon totes are our favorite!

Why do we like plastic totes for storing our dubias? Dubia cockroaches can’t crawl up the sides and escape. It’s too slippery!  You’ll also want to make sure your enclosure has a lid if you’re keeping dubias in the long term. Lids help prevent any mishaps with other pets and children. Don’t forget to provide your roaches with ventilation – a mesh screen insert is a simple and affordable solution.

Storing Dubias for Breeding

If you’re considering starting your own dubia roach colony, you will need to plan for a slightly different storage solution to those we discussed above. When breeding dubias, they’ll need much more surface area in their hidey spaces, so stacked egg cartons work well. Also, it’s always best to disturb them as little as possible when running a breeding colony, so you should put them in an out-of-way place that won’t be disturbed. They need their privacy to make the magic happen 😉.

Ok, so now you know how to keep your dubias housed (for however long you need). Ready to place your order? If so, click the link below:

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