Woot woot! One of our founders, Rich, has a birthday this week. So let’s have some fun to celebrate!

happy birthday rich
Bug Shed founder Rich Beasley turns 50-something this week! πŸ™‚

We’ve decided to include a FREE reptile feeder dish with every order of $20 or more this week in honor of Rich having one more trip around the Sun under his belt,

Why? Because we’ve noticed that our no-escape feeder dishes have really been flying off the shelf recently. They’re a popular product indeedβ€”and for good reason!

small reptile feeder dish with superworms

3 Reasons to Use a No-Escape Dish to Feed Live Insects to Your Pet Reptile

There are several reasons you may want to consider using our no-escape feeder dish next time you feed your scaly friend:

In short, our no-escape reptile feeder dish lets your reptile have all the fun of hunting and chasing down prey, without the disadvantages and safety concerns of letting insects run around loose in their enclosure.

  • Keep Track of How Much Your Pet is Eating. Using a feeder dish for your reptile lets you monitor how much your pet is actually taking in at each feeding. Monitoring their food intake helps you know for sure if they are getting enough. You’ll be able to tell if your reptile is off their feed, which could help alert you to possible health issues early on.
  • No More (Yikes!) Loose Bugs In Your Reptile Enclosure. If you’re like many people, you LOVE your reptile – but roaches? Not so much. If you’re squeamish about finding creepy-crawlies in your pet’s bedding, you are going to appreciate this no-escape feeder dish for sure!
  • Keep Your Reptile Safe from Attack. This isn’t a problem with dubia roaches, but some feeder insects can actually be dangerous to your pet. Crickets in particular will bite, and have even been known to kill reptiles when left in their enclosure unattended. Using a no-escape reptile feeder dish can help ensure this doesn’t happen to your pet. (Be sure to feed crickets only under supervision and remove any uneaten feeder insects promptly.)

How Does Our No-Escape Reptile Feeder Dish Work?

Our reptile feeder dish utilizes a simple but ingenious design. Each plastic dish includes a snap-on lid that prevents dubia roaches and other insects from climbing out. The clear plastic lid keeps feeder insects contained yet still allows your reptile to see and track its prey.

Check out our demo video to see our no-escape reptile feeder dish in action:

This Week’s Special: Free Feeder Dish With Every Dubia Roach Order of $20 or More!

Yep, you heard us right. We’ll be throwing in a free escape-proof feeder dish with every roach order of at least $20 now through noon EST on Friday, January 27.

Our no-escape reptile food dishes come in two sizes. The small size is 3.5″ across and is most suitable for small dubia roaches (up to about 1/2″ long), as well as other small feeder insects. The larger size dish is 5″ across and is recommended for medium to large dubia roaches and other large feeder insects.

We will include an appropriate-sized reptile feeder dish with your order. If you order multiple dubia roach sizes, you are welcome to request the size dish you prefer in the note section when you place your order. Otherwise we will choose a size at our discretion.

Order Now and Tell Your Friends

This offer is good until 12 noon EST this Friday, January 27th or until supplies last. No need to do anything at checkout – we will automatically include a free reptile feeder dish with every order of $20 or more.

Why not order now and try out this popular reptile feeding product for yourself? Oh yes – and do please spread the word to your reptile-loving friends! πŸ™‚