Introducing The Bug Shed’s newest customer appreciation program!

Have you ordered dubia roaches from us recently? Did you end up paying less than you expected? Welcome to our multi-unit new dubia roaches discount program!

What? ANOTHER great discount program from The Bug Shed?”

You bet!

If you’ve been following us for a while, you already know about our automatic customer loyalty program.

You know: how you can save a little more each time you order from us.

But our multi-unit dubia roaches discount program is something new and different—on TOP of what you can already save.

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Here’s how our multi-unit dubia roaches discount program works:

It’s actually very simple. It’s based on the quantity of roaches you buy.

When you purchase two or more units of dubia roaches from us, you’ll get a discount.

  • Buy 2-4 units of roaches, get 5% off.
  • Buy 5 or more units, get 10% off!

For example:

  • Say you order one cup of 100 3/8″-1/2″ roaches and one cup of 200 1/2″-5/8″ dubias. That’s two units, so you get a 5% discount.
  • Then you add another cup of 1/2″-5/8″ roaches, a cup of superworms, and a Bug Keeper to your order. You now have 5 items in your cart. But still only 3 units of roaches. So your discount remains 5%.
  • But then you decide to add a cup of breeder roaches and a 1/4 lb oversize roach grab bag. Now you’ve got 5 units of roaches. So you qualify for 10% off all dubias in your order!

It’s that easy.

“Do I have to type in a code?”

No! Just like our customer loyalty program, this is an automatic discount. Your coupon will appear in your cart at checkout. No need to remember or type in any codes.

And, it works no matter how many times you’ve purchased from us. Even your very first time.

You’re welcome!

“Are there restrictions?”

Not really. Just remember, our multi-unit dubia roach discount program only applies to dubias. It won’t work on superworms, mealworms, or any other non-dubia items.

But when it comes to dubias, everything goes! You could order just a 100 count cup of teeny tiny 1/4″ baby roaches or a great big 1 lb grab bag of oversize dubias. Each unit counts the same towards earning your discount.

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Keep your eye on the savings- you can combine The Bug Shed’s discount and loyalty programs to create major discounts every day of the year. Combines with our sale coupons, too!

“Can I combine the multi-unit dubia roaches discount program with any other discounts or coupon codes?”

Unless otherwise indicated, yes! This is in effect a bulk discount program. So you can normally apply our other offers on top of it.

  • If we have a sale, you can apply our discount code and still get the additional percentage off when you order two or more units of roaches.
  • The dubia roaches discount program also combines with The Bug Shed’s Customer Loyalty Program.

(In case you’re unfamiliar with our Loyalty Program, here’s how it works: Starting with your second order, you should start to trigger our automatic loyalty program. This gives you 1% off each additional order, up to 10% off when you reach your 11th order. You just need to log in the exact same way each time, using the same email address. You can read more about our Loyalty Program here.)

So, once you’ve ordered with us a few times you could automatically earn up to 20% off dubia roaches any day of the year!

You can even combine both programs with a sale coupon. Imagine how much you can save then!

Why are we offering this?

Simple. Because we value your business and want to do everything we can to earn your trust and loyalty. When you order multiple units of dubias, it makes our life easier. So we thought we’d share a bit of that goodness back your way!

Plus, we figure we’d rather support you than Facebook or Google, So if you like our rewards programs and our service to you, please be sure to tell your reptile-loving friends! 🙂

Ready to try our multi-unit dubia roaches discount program out for yourself?

It’s super easy. Just shop now. Buy 2 or more units of dubia roaches, and let the savings begin!