A Friendly Update from The Bug Shed (a.k.a. the best place to buy dubia roaches online)

If you’ve been buying dubia roaches from The Bug Shed for a while, you may have noticed something about our pricing that’s different from all the other dubia roach suppliers out there:

Our prices have NEVER gone up!

That’s right. We started our business in April of 2021. Since then, in the 3 years we’ve been in business, we’ve not had a single price change.

At The Bug Shed, we take pride in being the best place to buy dubia roaches—offering high-quality dubia roaches at the most competitive prices in the market.

BUT as you know the cost of EVERYTHING has been going up lately. SO:

Due to rising operational costs, we will be implementing an approximately 10% price increase as of July 1, 2024 across all our products.

Now, before you start feeling any bug-related blues, let us reassure you – even with this adjustment, we’re confident that The Bug Shed will remain the best place to buy dubia roaches online, anywhere.

Here’s why:

Keeping It Real (and Really Affordable)

We understand that nobody likes seeing prices go up, but sometimes it’s a necessary step to keep our operation running smoothly. With the rising costs of maintaining our high standards, we’ve held off as long as we could. But we’re sure you understand that given the larger economy, it’s time!

Here’s the deal – we’ve done our research, and we can confidently say that this price adjustment will help us continue to be the best place to buy dubia roaches, providing you the exceptional quality and service you’ve come to expect from The Bug Shed.

In other words, our prices will remain THE most affordable option online for top-quality dubia roaches.

We’ve compared our rates with other reputable dubia roach vendors, and we’re committed to remaining the most affordable option out there. Here’s proof:

3 Reasons The Bug Shed Is Still the Best Place to Buy Dubia Roaches Online

Reason 1: Cheap Dubia Roaches

Check out this table displaying just how competitive even our new pricing will be compared to the current pricing on 200 1/2-5/8″ dubia roaches (or equivalent size) from various vendors. (We are also including a column showing the pricing with a 20% discount from each vendor so you can compare The Bug Shed’s pricing to our competitor’s sale pricing):

VendorRegular PricePrice with 20% Discount
Topflight Dubia$21.99$17.59
Dubia Roach Depot$31.50$25.20
Dubi Deli$23.00$18.40
The Critter Depot (includes shipping)$42.00$33.60
The Bug Shed (current pricing)$16.00$12.80
The Bug Shed (new pricing effective July 1)$17.60$14.08

As you can see, even our full price is comparable to the BEST sale pricing anyone else out there is offering.

But that’s not the end of it. Because ALMOST NO-ONE EVER PAYS FULL PRICE at The Bug Shed! Which is the 2nd reason why The Bug Shed is the best place to buy dubia roaches:

Reason 2: Everyday Discounts

Image text reads: New! Dubia roaches discount code on a background of dubia roaches

We love our customers. So we want you to have a great experience buying from us. To that end, we have not one but two everyday discount programs in place:

  1. Our Multi-Unit Discount: Buy more than one unit of dubia roaches in any order, and you will automatically receive a discount of 5-10%. Read about our multi-unit discount program here!
  2. Our Customer Loyalty Program: Once you sign up to become a Bug Shed Loyalty Program member, we start keeping track of the number of orders you’ve placed. With each order, we’ll apply 1% more discount to your next order – up to 10% off!

The best part? These two discount programs are stackable. So once you’ve ordered from us a few times, you will receive up to 20% off AUTOMATICALLY when you place an order of more than one unit of dubias. (Check the chart above to see what that looks like.)

That’s EVERY day -no need to wait for us to hold a sale!

Reason 3: Quality Bugs & Packaging

We lovingly pack each order by hand in deli cups or perforated cardboard boxes, inside a shipping box. No loose roaches to deal with, ever!

Plus, in the cold months, we include a heat pack for free – no extra charge! No wonder so many reptile owners are catching on that The Bug Shed is the best place to buy dubia roaches online.

Bug Love, Always

At The Bug Shed, we’re all about striking the perfect balance between quality and affordability. This price increase is simply a way for us to ensure that we can keep delivering top-notch dubia roaches without compromising on the things that matter most.

We want to thank each and every one of you for your continued support and understanding. We truly appreciate our amazing community of dubia roach enthusiasts, and we’re dedicated to serving you for years to come.

So, mark your calendars for July 1st, and get ready for the new prices. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back – we’ll always strive to be your go-to source for affordable, high-quality dubia roaches.

Want to take advantage of our current INSANELY low pricing on dubia roaches online? Head over to our shop now to load up on bugs!