Calling all reptile lovers! Yes – YOU! September 1st is World Gecko Day, and to celebrate, everything is on sale! Plus, we’re giving away a free gift with every purchase.

We here at The Bug Shed love everything reptile. It’s actually what got us into the dubia business in the first place! As we mentioned in our previous blog, The Cheapest Place to Buy Dubia Roaches, one of our founding owners, Rich, has over 20 years of experience in the reptile community.

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Wednesday, September 1st- Sunday, September 5th

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If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably already something of a reptile expert, but in honor of World Gecko Day we want to share some incredible facts about geckos that may surprise you.

 12 Amazing Gecko Facts

Geckos are truly incredible creatures. Check out these cool facts about these popular reptiles:

  1. There are over 2,000 species of geckos worldwide.
  2. In some cultures, geckos symbolize energy, hope, rebirth, the cycle of life, healing, positivity, and cleansing.
  3. A baby gecko is called a hatchling – cute!
  4. A common gecko can reach speeds of up to 30 mph – these guys are FAST!
  5. Geckos make sounds to frighten their competitors away when threatened or even attract females – ‘oh là là. These sounds can range from a chirp to a click to a bark depending on the situation.
  6. Geckos are not very social creatures, as a rule. They are more than happy to spend time in solitude.
  7. Day geckos and Leopard geckos are known to shed their tails as a defense mechanism.
  8. Gecko predators include dogs, cats, large to medium-sized birds, snakes, and larger spiders like the goliath tarantula.
  9. A gecko egg takes anywhere from 35-90 days to hatch.
  10. Not all geckos lay eggs – 40 species in New Zealand give birth to live baby geckos!
  11. Natural gecko habitats include forests, deserts, tropical rainforests, and even cold mountain slopes.
  12. Geckos stick to surfaces with their bulbous toes, which are covered in hundreds of tiny, microscopic hairs called setae.
A closeup image of a gecko's textured fingers.
Geckos stick to surfaces with their bulbous toes, which are covered in hundreds of tiny, microscopic hairs called setae.

What do Geckos Eat?

Small insects like dubias are a staple part of a gecko’s diet. Feeder insects are a favorite food of geckos because they ignite their natural predatory instincts- and taste-wise, nothing could be better for a gecko than a dubia. Geckos can also eat grasshoppers, spiders, flies, and crickets.

Aside from feeder insects, pet geckos love to munch on yummy fruits like papaya, apricots, and nectars of all kinds. Every species of gecko has different dietary needs. For example, the New Caledonian gecko likes to eat small birds and even some rodents. On the other hand, the leaf-tailed gecko loves to chow down on snails – escargot, anyone?

Regardless of your gecko’s species – delicious and nutritious dubias will always be a safe bet when it comes to mealtime due to their nutritional value, affordable price, and so much more

Ready to celebrate World Gecko Day dubia style? Whether you have a leopard gecko, crested gecko, tokay gecko – or another species of reptile like a bearded dragon – The Bug Shed has you covered with the best (and most affordable) dubias out there.

World Gecko Day SALE September 1-5 only:

10% off storewide+ a FREE dubia feeder dish with EVERY order

Your Coupon Code at checkout: GECKO