“Why are dubia roaches so expensive?”

This is a question we’ve heard many times. We’ve already discussed why (and how) we strive to keep our prices affordable – you can read that article here. This week, we thought we’d talk about the other side: why are dubia roaches so expensive, especially compared to breeding your own?

Labor Costs of Raising Dubia Cockroaches

When you buy dubia roaches, you’re not just paying for the dubias themselves. You’re also paying for the work that went into producing them.

A picture of our two bug jockeys, Aster and Etha, holding up a tray full of dubias.
Two of our “bug nerds” Aster (left) and Etha (right) hand sort adult dubias to create new breeding bins.

Caring for dubia roaches involves daily attention. They must be fed, hydrated, and each bin must be inspected to ensure the health of the roaches. Additionally, bins must be cleaned regularly to prevent disease. Roaches are also sorted by size, measured, packed, and shipped several times each week.

When people compare the price of buying vs breeding dubia roaches, labor costs are often overlooked. While you’ll save money by producing your own, it’s a tradeoff. Caring for your roach colony does take some work, so you’ll need to factor the cost of your time into the equation.  

But labor is just one of the reasons why dubia roaches can be so expensive. Next, let’s look at some other costs you may not think about right away.

Overhead Costs and Hidden Expenses

Similar to labor costs, overhead costs are also often overlooked when comparing the price of buying dubias vs breeding your own. Because dubias won’t breed if they’re too cold, we keep our dubias in a room close to 90° F. That means year-round heating. We also run fans 24/7 to ensure proper airflow. Other expenses that go into overhead costs include roach food, shipping supplies, and replacement bedding material when cleaning the bins.

Marketing and Business Costs

Some of our expenses aren’t roach related, but we wouldn’t be here without them. Our website, online shop, social media, and articles like this one all cost money to produce and/or operate.

Think back to the first time you saw The Bug Shed online. Was it on Facebook? Instagram? Perhaps a Google search? Our marketing team works hard to make sure people – like you – can find us online. Without their efforts, we wouldn’t be in business!

Why are Dubia Roaches So Expensive? It’s a Matter of Perspective

Considering everything that goes into producing healthy, nutritious dubia roaches, we don’t think they’re so expensive when you compare them to the alternatives. In fact, dubia roaches are one of the most affordable staple feeder insects!

Of course, we understand that sometimes events in life happen that can make even the most affordable options no longer within budget. Or maybe you’d rather save your money, and instead use your time and energy to raise your own dubias. Either way, we want to support you too! That’s why in addition to a wide size range of nymphs, we also offer dubia roach adult breeding stock.

The next time you think, “Wow, why are dubia roaches so expensive? I could breed them myself for so much cheaper!” Remember: you absolutely can! Just be aware that instead of money, you’ll be putting in your time and energy to keep your breeding colony thriving.

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Whether you’re looking for ready-to-feed nymphs or breeding stock, we have you covered! We are happy to offer five standard sizes of dubia nymphs, in addition to oversize nymphs (while supplies last) and adult breeders. Head on over to our shop to see what we have to offer.