“What? Another dubia roach shortage?”

If you’ve found yourself lately asking—yet again— “where can I buy dubia roaches online?” you’re not alone. We’ve had an influx of new customers lately who suddenly couldn’t get roaches from their usual supplier. Why?

In this blog, we’ll explain:

  • Some of the common causes of dubia roach shortages
  • Seasonal concerns with dubia roach production
  • Our philosophy as a dubia roach supplier, and
  • Steps you can take to ensure you’ll always have the supply of dubias you need to keep your critters happy and healthy

Let’s start with a brief overview of commercial dubia roach production.

Farming Dubias: More Than Just Bugs In A Tub

Raising dubia roaches commercially is a more complex undertaking than you might think. In addition to caring for large numbers of roaches, a dubia roach supplier has many things to keep track of: shipping regulations, customer service, taxes, planning for productivity, marketing…the list goes on and on.

Not all of these things affect supply and demand. But there are a number of factors that contribute to fluctuating supplies of dubia roaches for sale.

5 Reasons It’s Sometimes Hard to Find Dubia Roaches Online

Before we delve into the contributing factors to roach shortages, it’s important to keep in mind that raising live dubias is a type of agriculture. As with any other type of farming operation, there are many things that can affect supply and demand when it comes to dubia roach production:

  • Fluctuating market demands. At certain times of year, there is more demand for certain size dubias than at others. For instance, most baby bearded dragons are hatched from spring through early fall. At this time we tend to see a greater demand for smaller roaches. Going into the fall and winter the demand for medium to large dubia roaches (for example, our ½”-5/8” and 5/8”-3/4” dubia—as well as larger sizes—increases. Should the reptile market experience an unexpected boom, it could result in a temporary shortage of certain size roaches.
  • Dubia roach breeding cycles. As we explained in a recent blog about breeding dubia roaches, it takes 120 days to raise a female dubia from hatching to producing her first offspring. In the event of a long-lasting shortage, it can take many months for a dubia roach breeder to catch up to increased market demand—IF their space, available labor, and/or business strategy permits it.
  • Seasonal supply issues. Roaches don’t produce as much in winter as in summer. So there will naturally be a more abundant supply of dubias in the summer months.    
  • Disease. It doesn’t happen often (and every dubia roach producer hopes, never!) but just like with any other type of livestock, it’s possible for an outbreak of disease to sweep through and reduce supply at any time. (Good thing dubias are hardy little buggers and not prone to disease!)
  • Shipping and weather.  Shipping during exceptionally cold weather is risky. Dubias are a tropical species and although they are very tough, being exposed to long periods of freezing temperatures (such as in the back of a postal truck or on someone’s front porch in winter) will kill them. Some suppliers may choose to shut down during the coldest months to avoid complaints due to DOA packages.

As you can see, lots of things can affect supply and demand for dubia roach producers and consumers alike!

The Bug Shed’s Supply & Demand Philosophy

At The Bug Shed, we’ve given a lot of thought to supply and demand. Like every facility, we have limitations such as size, available manpower, etc. And there are many factors that are beyond our control, such as market demand, weather, and so on.

However, we do have choices in how we respond to the limitations, challenges, and conditions we face as a company.

Top of mind for us is always, “How can we best serve our loyal customers (while making good decisions that will support the business so we will always be around to serve you?)”

Our philosophy is that we always strive to be as reliable a supplier as we can possibly be, especially for our most loyal customers.

What Can You Do to Keep Yourself Stocked with Dubias?

adult dubias in bowl
Tired of asking, “where can I buy dubia roaches online?” Having your own breeder roaches (shown above) will ensure you have a steady supply of dubias all year long.

Here are 3 ways we can work together to help you avoid roach shortage issues:

  1. Please, please, please: ALWAYS choose “Hold For Pickup” when you buy dubia roaches from us, ESPECIALLY in the winter months! If we guaranteed live delivery without holding at the post office, we’d lose so many roaches to cold that we couldn’t keep our doors open in the winter—and that wouldn’t do anyone any good! Choosing “hold for pickup” activates our Live Delivery Guarantee, so if they get to you dead, we’ll replace them, no questions asked. And, because your roaches will stay protected indoors upon arrival at your local post office, you’ll be far less likely to get dead roaches in the mail.
  2. Sign up for our email list. In the event that we run into a shortage, our VIP members will always get first dibs. You also may get special deals that the “outer world” never hears about. Sign up here if you haven’t already!
  3. Consider starting your own colony. It’s not for everyone. But if you absolutely, positively NEED a consistent supply of roaches all year round, having your own dubia roach colony is the way to go. We offer dubia roach breeders for sale here.

The Bug Shed: Our Answer to “Where Can I Buy Dubia Roaches Online?”

So that’s the lowdown on dubia roach supply & demand! Let us know if you have any questions – we’ll be happy to answer. And, next time you hear someone ask, “where can I buy dubia roaches online,” tell them to shop The Bug Shed!