The Bug Shed’s anniversary celebration continues this week!

We are so grateful for the community of reptile enthusiasts who have supported us during this first year. To say, “thank you” (and celebrate!) we’re running sales, specials, and more throughout the month of April.

Last week, we offered free shipping with all orders $50 or more. That deal is gone now, but this week two more are here to take its place.

This Week’s Bug Shed Anniversary Specials

photo of bug keeper container for dubia roaches

The Bug Shed’s running two specials this week, through Saturday, April 16. Details of each sale are below:

Happy Hatchling Special: Get ½ off our popular Bug Keeper with any order of ¼”-3/8” or 3/8”-1/2” dubias

With hatchling season in full swing, here’s something for the little ones. A reusable bug keeper is a great way to safely store your dubias until mealtime and can be used for years to come.

We sell a lot of these handy feeder insect storage containers. People love them because they’re such a convenient way to keep small numbers of small dubia roaches, superworms, mealworms and other feeder insects. Use code HAPPY at checkout to get this great deal!

Superworm Special: 50 Free Superworms with any order over $30

Treat your super-pet to some superworms! We’ll add a 50 count cup of superworms to every order $30 or more this week – no coupon code needed!

Superworms are another hugely popular item in our shop. While their nutritional profile isn’t quite up to par with dubias, they are still a healthy, low-chitin way to supplement your reptile’s diet. And few reptiles can resist a wriggly, jiggly superworm!

This offer is only good while supplies last this week. So be sure to place your order now to lock in this great deal!

Shop The Bug Shed’s Specials Today

a dish of superworms

Remember, these specials are good for this week (through Saturday, April 16) only!

Happy Hatchling Special – ½ off Bug Keeper with any order of ¼”-3/8” or 3/8”-1/2” dubias – code HAPPY

Superworm Special – 50 Free superworms with any order over $30 – no coupon code necessary

Visit our shop today!