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Our Shipping Policy and Guarantee

 Shipping dubia roaches is an art and a science. We do our best to ensure your roaches arrive alive and healthy. We’ve designed our shipping procedures, packaging, and policy to this end.

Please read the following important information carefully so you know what to expect when you order dubias from us!  

dubia roach graphic orange

Shipping Schedule

We ship live insects M-F (excluding holidays). Orders placed after 12 noon Eastern time on Wednesday will be processed the following Monday.

Shipping Dubia Roaches: Rates and Destinations

We ship to the lower 48 states with the exception of Florida at a flat rate at $9.95 per order during the warm season. (This rate may be somewhat higher in cold weather due to the extra cost of winter packaging; see below.) We ship via USPS Priority Mail. You may also choose FedEx home delivery and 2nd day air for an additional fee. While not guaranteed, Priority packages usually arrive within 2-3 days once your order has shipped.

Live Guarantee Policy 

We guarantee live delivery under normal weather conditions (en route temperatures between 40-80º). Any suspension of this guarantee due to weather or other unusual circumstances will be posted on our website.

This guarantee is only valid on orders held at your post office for pickup. 

Any damage or DOA claims must be submitted via email within 24 hours of receipt of the package, accompanied by clear photos of the damage and packaging.

We are not responsible for delays caused by the postal carrier, or any inconvenience caused therefrom. However we do normally cover lost packages when the Hold for Pickup option is selected (see below). 

We are NOT responsible for any injury or damage to persons or property caused or thought to be caused by the insects we ship once they have left our facility.

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How We Package Our Dubia Roaches For Sale and Shipping

When shipping dubia roaches, we pack orders of the same size roach in deli cups containing the specified quantity per unit. The roaches are shipped with a piece of egg carton to give them a place to hide, and a small amount of carrot or similar produce to provide food and moisture during transit. The deli cups are securely topped with perforated lids to provide air flow.

Deli cups are packed into cardboard boxes using paper packaging material. The porous nature of paper and cardboard provides plenty of oxygen for insects; they do not require air holes in the boxes.

If you are placing a bulk order (1,000 or more of the same size roach), we may contact you via email to discuss alternate options for shipping dubia roaches to you. For instance, combining these units and shipping them in a bag or box inside your box in order to economize on shipping.



Lost Packages

The USPS is usually very good about getting your packages to you in a timely manner. Unfortunately, occasionally a package will get lost in the postal system, never to be seen again. 

We do cover lost packages under our Live delivery Guarantee. If you have activated our Live Delivery Guaranteed by choosing Hold for Pickup and your package appears to be lost in the mail, please contact us with your order number and we will send a replacement out right away. 

Shipping Dubia Roaches in Winter

Being located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, we will be shipping dubia roaches in cool weather much of the year.  When temperatures are expected to dip below 40° F, we automatically include a heat pack with each order. In colder weather we also include foil lining in the box. Seasonal shipping prices may reflect this extra material.

We may at times temporarily suspend shipping dubia roaches due to extreme weather conditions. When this happens we will post a “shipping suspended” notice on our website as well as social media.

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Receiving Your Roaches

Shipping dubia roaches is stressful for them, so we strongly advise that you have your packages held at your local post office for pickup. This helps to avoid exposing them to the overly hot or cold conditions that can occur in a postal delivery truck or front porch.

Healthy roaches are much better for your pet than stressed out ones. It is important to be prepared to settle your roaches into their new home as soon as possible after they arrive, so they can recover from shipping. 

If this is your first time keeping dubia roaches, we highly recommend downloading our Roach Care Guide here:  

Receiving Your Roaches

Shipping is stressful for roaches so it is important to be prepared to settle them into their new home as soon as possible after they arrive. We strongly advise that you have your packages held at your local post office for pickup to avoid exposing them to the overly hot or cold conditions that can occur in a postal delivery truck or front porch.


We take extreme care to minimize mortality rates during shipping. However as mentioned above shipping does subject any animal to stress and occasionally some dubia roaches will not survive the journey. For this reason we factor in about a 10% overcount when measuring roach orders. 

Please note that cockroaches often molt during shipment. It is not uncommon to find shed skins in the bottom of the cups. These are very easy to mistake for dead roaches. Please check to be sure that this is not the case before contacting us about dead roaches in your package.



If you have any additional questions about shipping dubia roaches, please contact us here:

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