If you’ve taken a look at our shop recently, you may have noticed a new product: oversized large dubia roaches. What are these dubias, and why buy them instead of our regular large dubias (3/4” – 1”)?

In this blog, we explore:

  • what our oversized large dubia roaches are commonly used for
  • what makes them different from our regular large dubias
  • how we package them (it’s different from our usual cups!)
  • and how long we will have them available

What Are Oversized Large Dubia Roaches?

close up photo of oversize dubia roaches with quarter

Our oversized large dubias are normally the ones we’d hold back from the sorting process to grow into breeders.  These hefty dubia nymphs measure between 3/4″-1 1/4″ long. Averaging 1″ each, they’re bigger than our typical 3/4″-1″ dubia roaches. These are the fat guys that couldn’t make it through the sorter! We currently have them available in quarter pound and one pound sizes.

Typical uses for these extra large dubia roaches include:

  • Feeding to large reptiles. If you’ve been feeding our ¾” – 1” dubias but know your pet can safely handle even larger bugs, our oversized large dubias are an economical choice. ¼ pound of our oversized dubias are equivalent in price to just 200 ¾” – 1” dubias, but weigh about the same as 300!
  • Starting a breeder colony. While we do sell ready-to-breed dubia starter colonies, oversized large dubia roaches are an inexpensive way to start a larger colony – if you have the time to wait for them to grow to adulthood.

What Kinds of Reptiles Eat Oversized Large Dubia Roaches?

The common guideline in the reptile community is to avoid feeding anything larger than the space between your reptile’s eyes. So while these hefty, large dubias are too big for geckos and smaller bearded dragons, there are many reptiles that could easily gobble them up! Below is a short list of reptiles that are large enough to safely eat our oversized large dubia roaches:

If you’re interested in oversized large dubias, we encourage you to get them now! As mentioned above, we normally hold these dubias back for our own breeding purposes. As such, these extra large dubias will only be available while we have extras. Once our current stock runs out, we don’t know when we’ll have them for sale again.

You can keep up to date on our current inventory, be among the first to know about new products and sales, and more by signing up for our e-newsletter. We’ll let you know before anyone else when we have oversized dubias in stock again.

three quarter to one inch dubia roach order shown packed in deli cup with priority mail boxes
Our oversized dubias would be too crowded in a deli cup!

How We Package Our Oversized Large Dubias

If you’ve ordered dubias from us before, you’ll know that we send them to you in ventilated plastic deli cups with a piece of egg carton inside for the dubias to crawl on. However, because our oversized large dubias are sent in larger amounts, they won’t fit into our regular deli cups!

Instead, we pack them in a small carboard box with ventilation holes poked in the sides. This in turn is packed within a sturdy shipping box (with heat pack and/or insulation as appropriate for weather conditions). We suggest opening the inner box over a tub or bin to avoid escapees.

Buy Oversized Large Dubia Roaches While Supplies Last

Our oversized large dubia roaches are perfect for use as feeder insects for large reptiles or as an economical way to start your own dubia breeder setup at home. Head over to our shop to buy now, as they’re only available while supplies last!