Ever wonder, “what happens next when I order dubia roaches online?” Well, if you’ve ever pondered how we get dubias to you in such great shape – this blog is for you! We’re pulling back the curtains to give you an all-access peek into how we do things at The Bug Shed.

Ready to see a day in the life of a Certified Bug Nerd?

Let’s dive in!

Step #1: Order Processing

The first thing that happens once you order dubia roaches from us is printing your packing slip and shipping label. Once these things are printed, your order is officially in the queue to be packed by an in-house Certified Bug Nerd.

Next, our team tallies up all the orders that need to be packed that day. From there, they calculate how many cups of each size dubia they will need to fill. Next, they label the cups and put a piece of egg carton (the perfect hidey place for a long journey) and a few carrot slices (bugs gotta eat, right?) in each deli cup.

Remember, we never place roaches directly in their shipping box. Our team always uses a secure deli cup to keep them safe and avoid escape artists once it’s time for your unboxing.

Step #2: Quality Control 

For best accuracy, we weigh our roaches. Our team is well versed in dubia roach weights. With every batch of roaches, we re-weigh them to account for fluctuations due to fullness and hydration levels. But because we like you so much, we will always throw in a few extra.

The cups are then transported to our packing room, where each order is double-checked for accuracy and put into boxes for shipping. Once safely packed away, your order of dubia roaches is taken to our local post office and scanned into the system. We make sure all boxes have “Live Harmless Insects” stickers on at least two sides so any postal worker who handles them knows not to treat your order of dubia roaches roughly.

Once they reach the post office, we no longer have any control over them.

Watch the video below to see Aster and Etha pack a WHOLE bunch of dubia roaches for shipping:

Step #3 USPS Takes the Reins

Once your bugs are in the hands of The United States Postal Service, we no longer have any control over them. This means if you have any questions about your order delivery date etc., checking the USPS’s Tracking Tool will be your absolute best bet!

Wondering what happens with your bugs at the post office? You’re in luck – we’re covering more about that in our next blog.

What’s All the Fuss About “Hold for Pickup”?

We get a lot of questions about the “hold for pick-up” option on the ordering page. We only guarantee live delivery if you select this option. Selecting “hold for pick-up” means your local post office will keep your order safe until you pick it up.

We also recommend choosing this option if temperatures are expected to be below 40 or above 80 degrees Fahrenheit in your area. Temperatures outside of this range put your bugs at risk of overheating or dying from cold.

Wondering what our customers are saying about our shipping process? We thought you might be! Take a look at these glowing reviews below:

Super happy with ordering from The Bug Shed! Order shipped on Monday and since I live in TX it took a little longer to get down here so shipping took about 4 days. I was a tad worried but they were packaged beautifully and I don't think I came acrossed one dead roach! No odor (had that problem with other companies) and wonderful price!! Definitely will be a returning customer!! Thank you!
Review #1: I placed an order last week and my beardie ate all of them and no of them were dead.. I just placed another order for 400 Dubia roaches.. thank you :) Review #2: Great people, great prices and they ship fast! If only USPS would take a page from you guys… My package appears to be lost in transit face with tears of joy emoji

Step 4: Delight Your Pets With Dubia Roaches

The next, and final step, is to open your order of dubia roaches, transfer them to a Bug Keeper, and let the feasting begin!

Once your bearded dragon, gecko, skink, or other pet has gobbled up all their yummy dubia roaches, it’s time to put in another order – and the whole cycle starts again! It’s always best to order your dubia replenishments about a week before you plan on running out to avoid depriving your pets of the yummy, nutritious food they’ve become accustomed to.

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