Are you considering adding superworms into your pet’s dietary routine? Good idea! Superworms are a highly nutritious and interactive food source that ignites your pet’s natural prey drive. If you’re wondering how to care for superworms, this blog explains all.

Read on to learn:

  • How to store superworms
  • How to feed superworms
  • How to avoid superworm die-off
  • What temperature to keep your superworms at
  • Where to buy superworms online

And more!

How to Store Superworms

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, we’ve written quite extensively on properly storing your dubia roaches. Recently, a customer reached out to us and asked, “what is the best way to store superworms?” and it dawned on us – we haven’t addressed this yet, so here you go!

A variety of plastic containers are perfect for storing superworms. All it takes is a little D.I.Y., and you’re good to go. You can use anything from large Tupperware containers to under-the-bed storage bins to washbasins (and so much more). The main thing you will want to pay attention to is ventilation, bedding, and a suitable food source. Shoot for something at least 200 square inches and 6-9 inches in height. We suggest working with plastic containers because they are easy to clean, and the superworms won’t be able to make a great escape – it’s just too slippery for them.  

Our Bug Keepers also serve as an acceptable short-term storage solution. If you plan to feed them all to your pet within a week or less – feel free to pick one up here.

It’s best to leave the tub open, but if you’re concerned about other household pets and children getting into your superworm stash, make sure to pop some holes in the lid so the little guys can breathe. Keep an eye out for moisture or condensation. This can lead to bacterial growth and mold, which is not only bad for your worms, but your reptiles as well.

What do Superworms Eat?

Did you know superworms actually eat their bedding? It’s true! A 1-2″ layer of bran, unflavored instant oatmeal, or plain crushed Cheerios should do the trick! Throw in some thinly sliced fruits and veggies to provide your worms with some moisture, and you’re good to go.

Four tips for feeding your superworms:

  1. Avoid acidic fruits and veggies like onions, tomatoes, and citrus fruits.
  2. Thinly slice your fruits and veggies no larger than ¼”.
  3. Replace any fresh fruit or veg every two days (or if you notice any mold developing).
  4. Cucumber, sweet potato, carrot, and melon are excellent choices to provide your worms with the moisture and gut-loading nutrients they need to thrive.

Wondering when it’s time to change the bedding? Look for droppings, also called “frass.” Once you see an accumulation of frass, it’s time to add some more bran, oats, or Cheerios.

What Temperature is Perfect for Superworms? 

A photo of two superworms on a white background.

Like dubias, superworms have an ideal temperature that they thrive in. This hovers around 78 F, but anywhere between 68 – 88 F will be acceptable. Keep humidity below 50%.

Can I Refrigerate Superworms?

Many reptile keepers refrigerate their mealworms, but superworms don’t do well in such cold temperatures. Please refrain from refrigerating your superworms to keep them healthy until mealtime.

What Causes Superworms to Die Off?

The three biggest culprits of superworm die-off are as follows:

  • Excess moisture
  • Extreme heat
  • Extreme cold

How Long Can I Keep Superworms?

Superworms can easily live up to six months if your pet reptile doesn’t snap them up by then. In some cases, they can live up to a year with perfect care, but nutritional value will have deteriorated significantly by then. However, keep in mind that by the time they arrive to you, superworms are usually a month or two old already (so they’re a nice big size), so we recommend feeding them off within a couple months.

Where Can I Order Affordable Superworms Online?

We’ve been reading reports of a nationwide superworm shortage in the U.S. that started in the earlier part of 2021. Luckily, we have had superworms in stock reliably throughout this entire shortage crisis, so if you’re looking to give your pet a “super” meal that is loaded with nutrition – order your superworms from The Bug Shed today!

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