Dear Bug Shed customers, 

It’s hard to believe another year has gone by so quickly! But with the holidays upon us, it’s safe to say that 2022 is nearly a thing of the past. 

So before we jump headlong into 2023, we thought it might be fun to take a look back at all the fun we’ve had at The Bug Shed this year. 

The Bug Shed: 2022 in Review

2022 was The Bug Shed’s second year in business. So while it wasn’t the big adventure of the first year, we still had our share of surprises and learning experiences. Here are some of the highlights for 2022 at The Bug Shed: 

Starting 2022 Off With a Bang

January, 2022 surprised us by being our biggest month ever. Guess word got around that we ship dubias in cold weather when some other folks don’t! (Chalk it up to living in one of the coldest places in the country, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Up here, we adapt or freeze our buns off trying.) 😉 

April 2022: Happy Anniversary, Baby! 

In April, The Bug Shed reached a BIG milestone: one whole year in business! To celebrate, we held an Anniversary Giveaway contest, with a Grand Prize of $100 in dubia roaches. 

Our lucky winner was Tonya Mcminn from Newville, PA! 

She was joined in the winners circle by our runner-up winners: Victoria Delgado, Chris Monroe, Jen VanEyk, Kendra Perez, and Deana Johnson. Each of them received one of our popular Bug Keeper dubia roach containers, stocked with 100 dubias in the size of their choice. 

(But in reality, everyone who participated was a winner in our book. So we made sure to thank everyone with a nice coupon after the event!) 

Dig Those Discounts

In May, 2022 we introduced our Multi Unit Dubia Roaches Discount Program. This lets any customer save 5-10% automatically just by ordering more than one unit of roaches. That’s on TOP of any other discounts earned through our Loyalty Program and most coupons. (Just because we love you!)

bug shed dubia roaches discount program

Sizzlin’ Summer, Austere Autumn

By mid-summer 2022, things were really hopping at The Bug Shed. Word was spreading that we offer great product at a great price. Bugs were flying out the door…

But whoops! Everyone makes mistakes once in a while. Ours involved a slight miscalculation of sales to holdbacks. Sad to say, this left us in pretty short supply of larger sized dubias throughout the fall months. 

We are extremely grateful to the customers who have stuck with us through this time. Now that we’ve figured out what happened and why, we look forward to serving you reliably in 2023! 

The Bug Shed by the Numbers in 2022

What’s an annual wrap-up without slinging a few digits and factoids around? Here are some of The Bug Shed’s “noteworthy items” for 2022: 

Most Popular Products: 

Without a doubt, our ½”-⅝” dubia roaches take the cake for sheer number sold. But bigger bugs, bigger price tag: our ⅝” – ¾” roaches edged them out for total sales volume this year. 

dubia roaches packed in deli cups with priority mail boxes

Welcome to The Bug Shed Family

The Bug Shed welcomed over 420 new subscribers to our e-newsletter in 2022! Many took advantage of the 10% off coupon we send when you sign up. We are super thrilled to have you all on board! 

Blog-Gone Crazy

The Bug Shed published over 50 blogs in 2022! (That’s a lot of callouses on the fingertips!) 

We do our best each week to bring you helpful content that people will actually want to read. So it does our heart good to see your comments! 

Our most popular blogs this year include: 

  1. Top 5 Signs You May Have a Malnourished Bearded Dragon
  2. The Cheapest Place to Buy Dubia Roaches?
  3. 4 Most Common Reptile Parasites and What To Do About Them

Is there a specific topic you’d like us to write about? We’re always looking for great blog ideas! Just drop us a line to suggest your ideas! 

A Huge “Thank You” from The Bug Shed to YOU! 

Last to list but first in our hearts: what 2022 round-up would be complete without giving a huge round of applause to the stars of the entire Bug Shed show: YOU, our customers! 

The Bug Shed customers are THE BEST! We know, because we hear from you all the time and we are so proud and delighted to serve such a NICE, respectful and pleasant cross-section of the reptile community. 

If there’s anything we can ask for this holiday season, it’s for you all to keep being YOU in 2023 and beyond. 

We wish you the happiest of holidays in 2022, and can’t wait to serve you and your scaly friends the most delicious dubias they’ll ever scarf up in 2023. 😉 

Warmest wishes, 

Bug Shed owners Rich Beasley and Ona Martin

Rich and Ona 

The Bug  Shed 

P.S. 2022 isn’t over yet! You can be one of the very first to receive a Bug Shed delivery in 2023. Just head on over to our shop and order your next batch of bugs today!