So, you’ve done the research and decided to feed your reptile dubia roaches. Great choice! But now another question needs to be answered: where should you buy them?

Dubias for sale online vary greatly in many aspects. In this blog, we explore the top considerations when deciding where to buy your dubia roaches.

Dubias for sale in a deli cup, ready to be packed and shipped.


There are several ways to package dubias. Some suppliers simply pour them into a box, tape it up, and put a shipping label on it. While this is efficient, we don’t believe this is the best option. Because, lets face it: who wants to open up a box and have zillions of bugs crawl out?  

We ship our dubias in vented deli cups or small boxes packed carefully inside a shipping box. In cold weather, we provide insulation and/or heat packs to ensure the best chance of survival during shipping. Unlike many other suppliers, we include winter shipping free of charge.

Live Guarantee

Dubias for sale online need to be shipped to you. This means they’re in transit for several days. While the US Postal Service generally does a great job of getting them to you alive,  every once in a while there are casualties. This happens especially in very hot or extreme cold weather.

That’s why it’s important to look for a dubia supplier that offers a live guarantee. A supplier that doesn’t offer any kind of guarantee may be in it for the money rather than the roaches or may not be confident in the health of their animals.

Our live guarantee is activated when you choose “hold for pickup” at checkout. You can learn about our Hold for Pickup policy here.

Sizing Choices

Before you even place an order, it’s important to know what size dubias your reptile needs. Different suppliers offer different size dubias for sale, often between two to eight different size options. Make sure the supplier you’re looking at has the size you need – and if your reptile is still a baby or juvenile, consider if they have the sizes they will grow into. That way, you won’t have to switch suppliers down the line!


Price is an important consideration when looking at dubias for sale. Remember that bearded dragons can live up to 15 years, and many other species such as crested geckos can live up to 20! That’s why we suggest buying from a supplier with affordable prices. We strongly believe that it shouldn’t cost a fortune to feed your reptile a healthy and nutritious diet.

Additionally, expensive doesn’t always equate to better. We don’t think it’s ethical to overcharge for our products just to make an extra buck. As fellow members of the reptile community, we want to support and uplift those who want to practice responsible reptile husbandry. With so many people struggling these days, the LAST thing we want to do is make a healthy meal for your beloved pet unattainable.

Rewards or Loyalty Program

Many dubia roach suppliers will offer incentives to encourage people to buy from them again. Some send free bugs or products with your order, while others offer discounts for returning customers.

We decided to go the discount route because it’s something we know you’ll find useful. Our loyalty program automatically applies up to 10% off your order – learn more about our rewards program here.

two heat packs for winter shipping.
We provide insulation and/or heat packs free of charge during cold weather.


If you’ve been in the reptile community for a while, you know that it can be hard to find dubias for sale in the winter. This is due to a number of reasons (which you can read more about here), but the main one is that cold temperatures make keeping dubias alive through the shipping process difficult.

Some dubia suppliers shut down during the winter months, but we don’t think that’s fair to you. Instead, we ship orders with insulation and/or heat packs to ensure the best chance of survival. If the forecast predicts extreme cold, we may delay shipments until the weather warms back up – usually by a few days to a week.

Our Dubias for Sale

We are proud to offer high quality, affordable dubia roaches year round. Our large range of sizes ensures that no matter the size of your reptile, we’ll have something for them to enjoy. Plus, our loyalty program lets you save up to 10% off – on top of most sales and coupons!

Ready to get some yummy buggies for your pet? Explore our shop today!