Ever misspell dubia as dubai? If you have, you’re not alone. According to Google, over 10 thousand people search for dubai roaches each month. And it goes the other way as well—the hashtag #dubia on Instagram is full of pictures of Dubai!

It’s gone so far that someone even made a meme about it. *

meme illustrating the difference between Dubia and a dubia roach

But is there such a thing as Dubai roaches after all…?

5 Ways You Can Tell the Difference Between Dubai Roaches and Dubia Roaches

  1. Dubai roaches don’t commit crimes. The city of Dubai has one of the lowest crime rates in the world! Dubia roaches, on the other hand, are actually illegal in some places—namely, Florida. This is because they thrive in Florida’s climate, and if they were to escape into the wild there, they could quickly become invasive and damage the ecosystem. (But don’t worry about dubias going on a crime spree in your home. One thing we love about Dubia roaches is that they aren’t escape artists. They can’t climb glass or plastic, which makes them ridiculously easy to keep contained!)  
  2. Dubai roaches are expensive! The city of Dubai is the 20th most expensive city in the world. Our dubia roaches on the other hand, are fairly priced so you can feed your beloved pets without digging into your savings each month.  However, being affordable doesn’t mean they aren’t worth their weight in gold when it comes to delivering optimal nutritional value for your reptile!
  3. Dubai roaches looove shopping. The city of Dubai is sometimes called the “shopping capital of the Middle East” and is home to the world’s largest shopping mall! But dubia roaches? They’ll be content in a warm dark corner with some cardboard to crawl on—no shopping sprees needed to keep them happy! (To learn more about how to keep your dubia roaches healthy and happy, check out our blog Storing Dubias the Easy Way.)
  4. Dubai roaches love intricate and varied meals, including Arabic, South Asian, and Chinese cuisines. Dubia roaches are MUCH easier to please. Hold the sauces, seasonings, and special spices: dubias prefer simple grain blends and almost any combination of fruits and vegetables. For a complete list of what to feed dubia roaches, be sure to download our free Dubia Roach Care Guide here.
  5. Dubai roaches love entertainment of many kinds. Operas, theatrical shows, Arabic movies, and contemporary art galleries are all favorites of these cosmopolitan critters. By comparison, dubia roaches are very easy to please. They don’t need much enrichment. In fact, they prefer to hang out in dark, quiet spaces. As long as they’re kept relatively warm and have something to crawl under, they’ll be happy!

The Truth about Dubai Roaches

If you haven’t already guessed, dubai roaches aren’t a thing. Although it’s almost a shame they’re not. Can you imagine a roach that enjoys shopping?!

Dubai roaches sure sound interesting—but not exactly feeder insect material. We’ll be sticking with selling top quality dubia roaches online and leaving Dubai to be the fascinating city and tourist destination that it is.

Nevertheless, we hope you enjoyed this silly little article of ours comparing dubai roaches with dubia roaches. We sure had a fun time writing it!

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*We created our own version of the dubai roach meme to use above and on our Facebook page because we always want to be careful about copyright issues, but you can see the original dubia roach meme here.