Leopard geckos and crested geckos are some of the best beginner reptiles. There are cute photos and care blogs posted everywhere. But have you heard of other gecko types?

There are quite a few of them, and many of them make for great pets! Today we want to introduce a few species you may or may not have heard of before. 

Before we get into this list let’s address the following:

Why Do Gecko Lizards Make Good Pets?  

  • They’re docile
  • Have bright colors and patterns
  • Have accessible diets (insects only)
  • Don’t need special lighting
  • Are hardier than other reptiles

These are just a few of the reasons why gecko lizards are beginner friendly. Not all geckos were made the same so there will still be variations between types– especially since there are tons of different species around.

Now, let’s start looking at some geckos!

1. African Fat-Tailed Gecko

an African fat-tailed gecko on a brown rock

The African fat-tailed gecko is often mistaken for a leopard gecko because they look so similar. They are a little smaller in size except for the tails. As the name suggests these geckos have some pretty thick tails! 

Like the leo they are crepuscular, meaning they’re more active around dawn and dusk. They hail from West Africa and are happy as long as their enclosure is warm, humid, and they get fed a few times a week.

These geckos are still pretty popular. This is great because they’re easy to find and there are a ton of care guides written for them. Plus, they can live up to 25 years! Take a look at this guide that mentions fat-tails as well as other beginner-friendly species.

2. Asian House Gecko

an Asian house gecko climbing on the side of an object.

Common (or Asian) house geckos are another popular type of gecko lizard. They come from southeast Asia but can be found in Texas and Florida. 

This gecko may only live to be about 5 years old, but they’re rather small and won’t need to take up much space. They’re typically a light brown color with big and lidless eyes.

They’re not as happy being handled, but they’re easy to keep. Most geckos like these live on or around houses already. So keeping one indoors is not the biggest habitat change.

*Note: Please buy from a breeder instead of finding one in the wild!

3. Electric Blue Day Gecko

an Electric blue day gecko on a black background.

Electric blue day geckos are one of the more unique gecko species on this list. They only grow to be about 2.5” long and the males look different compared to the females. Males are the electric blue that gives this species its name while females are more of a copper-green. 

Until recently these geckos were not too common. In recent years they’ve been bred more in captivity and can be found across the world. 

Unlike other gecko lizards, these guys will actually eat fruits as well as insects! Read this for more care tips.

4. Flying Gecko

A flying gecko on a dark wood background.

These guys look more like the crested gecko. They have a mossy coloration, webbed toes, and a flat tail. Their toes and tail actually help them fly!

Well, sort of. They flap their tail to help them jump large distances. Even though they only grow to 6”-8” they still need a lot of space to move around. As pet geckos, they are not a fan of being held either. Other than that they still do great in captivity and make for a good gecko lizard choice.

5. Giant Day Gecko

A day gecko on a wooden log.

You might know this one as the Geico gecko! These gecko lizards are one of the largest growing to be up to 12”. They are a bright green color with red/orange spots. They can even change color a bit if they’re stressed out.

While other kinds of geckos don’t need special lighting, giant day geckos do. They aren’t great for handling. But they do make for a nice display animal. They live for up to 8 years, too.

6. Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko

A satanic leaf tailed gecko on a dead stick.

Satanic leaf-tailed geckos can stand out just as much as the electric blues. But, it’s more likely that these gecko lizards will blend in. You see, they get their name because of how much they look like a dead leaf. They mostly come in browns, but some can have purple or orange.

These gecko lizards are small and pricey since they are harder to take care of. They can be more sensitive to their environments so greater care is needed. 

7. Tokay Gecko

A Tokay gecko sitting on a piece of driftwood.

Another species known for their spots and bright colors! Tokays are usually a gray color with spots of bright blue, orange, or yellow. They have large heads and strong jaws which are rather good at biting. 

Besides their bright colors, they’re known for making a croaking noise that kind of sounds like, “To-Kay.” 

These geckos are known for being temperamental. But they often calm down with proper handling and care! 

*Fun fact: Tokay geckos are rumored to bring good luck.

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