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The Bug Shed Loyalty Program

Do You Buy Dubia Roaches Online? Earn Up to 10% Off With Every Order, Automatically!

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dubia roach graphic orange

Bug Shed customers tend to keep coming back again and again. We appreciate that kind of loyalty a LOT!

So, we’ve set up a Loyalty Program that lets you earn discounts with each order you place—without typing in codes or waiting for sales. It’s our way of saying Thank You for supporting us!

If you buy dubia roaches online, keep reading to learn how it works! 

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Save More Each Time You Buy Dubia Roaches Online at The Bug Shed

As a participating Loyalty Program member, we keep track of the number of times you buy dubia roaches online in our store. With each order, we’ll apply 1% more discount to your next order, up to 10% off!

For example:

✔Placing your first order as a registered site user earns you 1% off your second order.

✔Placing your second order automatically qualifies you for 2% off your third, and so on.

Once you’ve placed 10 orders with us, you’ll automatically receive 10% off every order you place. It’s that simple!

The best thing is, your Loyalty Program discounts are stackable. That means they’ll still apply even when you use a coupon code or purchase sale items!

Getting Started

The Bug Shed Loyalty Program is a membership program for people who buy dubia roaches online. To start participating, you will need to register as a user on The Bug Shed website, and be sure you’re logged in when you order. Your discounts will automatically appear on your checkout total. 

How to Use The Bug Shed Loyalty Program: 

Saving more each time you buy dubia roaches online from The Bug Shed is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Here’s how to get started:

    1. LOG IN: Be sure to log in to your Bug Shed account before placing any order. (We can’t apply discounts if you’re not logged in, or after you place your order!) Log in or register here.
    2. PLACE YOUR ORDER: As long as you are logged in, your discount will be automatically applied when you buy dubia roaches online at The Bug Shed.
    3. ENJOY watching your savings increase each time you order!

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The Bug Shed Loyalty Program FAQ


Can I use coupons along with the Loyalty Program?

Yes! Your Loyalty discounts will stack on top of most coupon discounts.  (Occasional exceptions may apply.)

Is there any limit to the number of items I receive discounts on?

No! Order as many items as you like per order. Your discount will be applied automatically based on the number of times you’ve placed an order with us.

Will the Loyalty Program work on sale items?

Yes! Your Loyalty discounts will apply on top of most sales on The Bug Shed’s website.  (Occasional exceptions may apply.)

What if I’ve already placed multiple orders with The Bug Shed?

If you’ve registered on our site already, good news! Any orders you place while logged in will count towards discounts – even if they were made before the Loyalty Program was started. 

Unfortunately, we can’t count any sales made if you buy dubia roaches online at The Bug Shed while logged in as a guest. However, you can always start earning discounts now by registering and logging in before you place your next order! 

Will I receive marketing emails if I sign up?

No. You may receive occasional communication about any changes to the terms and conditions of The Bug Shed Loyalty Program, but you will not receive marketing emails for registering as a customer on our site.

If you’d like to hear from us more frequently, we do offer a free weekly e-newsletter which includes sale updates, special VIP offers, and exotic pet care information.  To sign up for our e-news (and get a 10% off coupon you can use along with your loyalty discounts next time  you buy dubia roaches online from us), click here.  



If you have any additional questions about buying dubia roaches online from The Bug Shed, please contact us here:

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