If you live in the United States, chances are you’ve experienced supply issues with finding dubias. So when you can’t order from your usual supplier, where is the best place to buy dubia roaches online? After all, dubias are food for your beloved pets. You don’t want to get them from just anywhere!

In this blog, we’ll discuss why we think The Bug Shed is one of the best places to buy dubia roaches online, including:

  • Our philosophy on raising nutritious feeder insects
  • How we ship live dubias all year round
  • How our Live Guarantee keeps our customers happy (and exactly how it works and how to activate it when you order)
  • Our fair pricing philosophy and loyalty program

Let’s start with how we raise our dubias.

Why We Think The Bug Shed is The Best Place to Buy Dubia Roaches Online

Raising Nutritious Dubias

There’s a lot more to raising nutritious dubia roaches than just sticking them in a bin to breed. Finding the right diet is crucial to producing dubias suitable to become the best reptile food. We feed our dubias a proprietary grain blend supplemented with fresh fruit and vegetables. We never feed our dubias any foods that aren’t also safe for bearded dragons and other reptiles.

How We Ship Year Round

Shipping during exceptionally cold weather is risky. Dubias are very tough, but they’re still tropical creatures. Long periods of freezing temperatures (such as in the back of a postal truck or on someone’s front porch in winter) will kill them.

We keep our winter shipments of dubias alive by insulating the boxes and providing heat packs to counteract the cold – all at no extra cost to you. We also keep a close eye on the temperature forecast. If sub-zero temperatures are expected, we may delay shipping by a few days to ensure the best chance of survival.

Our Live Delivery Guarantee (Do This to Activate It)

You can activate our live delivery guarantee by choosing “Hold For Pickup” during the checkout process. Your roaches will stay protected indoors upon arrival at your local post office, so you’ll be far less likely to get dead roaches in the mail. However, if they do arrive dead, we’ll replace them no questions asked—but ONLY if you’ve selected “Hold for Pickup” at checkout!

If we guaranteed live delivery without holding at the post office, we’d lose so many roaches to cold that we couldn’t keep our doors open in the winter—and that wouldn’t do anyone any good! Summer temperatures can also be a risk if temperatures reach above 90 degrees, essentially baking the dubias. So be sure to choose “Hold For Pickup” when you order!

Our Pricing Philosophy

A hand holding large nymph dubia roaches.

We always strive to provide the best dubia roaches we can at a fair price to both us and you. We don’t think it’s ethical to charge more than is fair for our products just to make an extra buck. As fellow members of the reptile community, we want to support and uplift those who want to practice responsible reptile husbandry. That’s why we will only raise our prices to keep pace with increases in the cost of doing business – never to make an obscene profit.

Save More With Our Loyalty Program

In addition to our fair pricing, we wanted to make sure our loyal customers feel appreciated. So, we set up a Loyalty Program that lets you earn discounts with each order you place—without typing in codes or waiting for sales. It’s our way of saying Thank You for supporting us!

With our loyalty program, returning customers can earn up to 10% off each order, again and again. And as another bonus, this discount can be stacked on top of most sales—including VIP sales available exclusively to our email list.

The Best Place to Buy Dubia Roaches Online? We Think So!

Is The Bug Shed the best place to buy dubia roaches online? That’s a matter of opinion, but we like to think we are! Where else can you get fairly priced nutritious dubias for your critters year-round, no matter the weather—and save more each time you order? So the next time you’re running low on dubias, shop TheBugShed.com!