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Dubia Roaches For Sale Online

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Dubia Roaches For Sale Online

Dubia cockroaches are highly nutritious feeder insects for bearded dragons and other reptiles. We offer many sizes, from 1/4″ dubias to large 1″ dubia roaches. 

Our Shipping Policy & Guarantee

Shipping days: We ship live insects M-W. Orders placed after 12 noon Eastern time on Wednesday will be processed the following Monday.

Shipping rates and destinations: We ship to the lower 48 states with the exception of Florida at a flat rate at $9.95 per order.

We ship via USPS Priority Mail. While not guaranteed, Priority packages usually arrive within 2-3 days once your order has shipped.

Live guarantee policy: We guarantee live delivery under normal weather conditions (en route temperatures between 40-80º. Any suspension of this guarantee due to weather or other unusual circumstances will be posted on our website.

This guarantee is only valid on orders held at your post office for pickup. We mark all packages “Hold at Post Office” unless otherwise instructed.

Any damage or DOA claims must be submitted via email within 24 hours of receipt of the package, accompanied by clear photos of the damage and packaging.   

We are not responsible for any injury or damage to persons or property caused or thought to be caused by the insects we ship once they have left our facility.

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Rich Beasley Bearded Dragon

About Us

The Bug Shed is a small family business offering dubia roaches for sale along with other feeder insects and reptile feeding supplies. We are owned and operated by husband and wife Rich Beasley and Ona Martin. 

Rooted in Reptiles

Rich has deep roots in the reptile industry. In the early 2000’s he built his reputation as one of the top producers of bearded dragons in the nation, known for his vibrantly colored animals. In addition he raised substantial numbers of feeder insects, including dubia roaches. 

“Dubia Roaches for Sale” x2!

Life led to other things, including a move back to his home state of Michigan in 2012. However Rich couldn’t leave the reptile trade for long. Late in 2018, he met Ona, who encouraged him to re-enter the business. The two were married in 2020 and are now happily raising a couple dozen snakes, two recalcitrant kitties, about a zillion cockroaches, and assorted house plants. They plan to take over the world by 2031.

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